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  • All Original Artwork purchased will be framed, ready to hang.

  • All prints purchased will not be framed. Should you require your print framed, please contact me to discuss framing options.

 Once an order has been placed, we cannot accept any changes or any afterthought preferences.



As you can see from the above image, there is a mount card between the frame and the artwork (artwork area shown in pink), all black and white (greyscale) artwork will be framed with a black wooden frame (frame width from 15mm to 25mm) with a coloured mount card. You can also have two mount cards, the bottom card being white with 10mm visible and a coloured card on top: this combination looks very effective. There are other frame finishes and different coloured mount cards available, please ask for this service when ordering.


All framed pictures come ready to hang.


Please send any questions and orders by email.


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